Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Card

Files Used:

RM00142 Easter Flower Collection
I also used the Bracket Mat  from her Layouts Elements 1, RM00108 File Here.

First off, I have to say that Sharon's files cut like butter! My Daffodil is very
small, just shy of 2 1/2 inches tall. So you can image how small the stamen had to
be cut. I was amazed that it cut and stayed in one piece and did not rip during the
cutting process, they are like fine hairs, LOL.

For my mat I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder and added some Glitter. I purchased some
Studio G at AC Moores (dollar bin) but I don't like the thick glue they use. The tip is also
not a fine tip so I could not get a good outline around the mat like I do when using Stickles,
which I like so much better. I added yellow Stickles to the outer edge center of the
cup of the flower. I also used the McGill Stylus on the petals of the daffodil and the leaves a bit.

The sentiment I typed using Make The Cut and printed on my printer using Edwardian Script ITC, love that font.

Supplies Used: Studio G Glitter Glue
               Bazzill Yellow Card Stock
               K&CoMPANY Paper Abrianna
               Make The Cut Program
               CuttleBug Embossing folder 
If you would like the File for the card, you can get it HERE. Minus the flower.

Thanks for looking, Michelle


  1. Michelle your card is BEAUTIFUL....but I would like to say that daffodil looks about 1000% like the file I designed and shared in my tutorial a couple of months back........ and did my tutorial on at the same time I shared the file I designed..... I'm not trying to be a pain...but I work HARD on these creations that I share for free and I only ask that I receive proper credit for a file I design and create....

  2. I have contacted the designer about this matter as I'm not the creator of the specific file in question.

    Penny, I know you work hard on your creations!

    But, please understand that I think you should have contacted the designer first, the link is in the post, just as a courtesy. (smiles) Just a general statement------Things tend to get out of hand when people start accusing before finding out all the info. Then everyone on the net finds out and starts trashing the parties involved, when it only concerns the parties involved.

    I will not turn MY blog into fighting match.

    Not taking sides here!


  3. Michelle...THANK YOU so much for your reponse and forwarding the info to Sharon...had I known WHICH "Sharon" it was I would have been most happy to...just as I shared with her......As I also shared with her I TOTALLY respect another persons ART and creativity as I've been accused before of copying someone else's design......I'm not out after blood....I just would like to credit to be given when I said before your creation is AMAZING and as I shared in the email with Sharon she is a VERY VERY VERY gifted ARTist as well!!!!

  4. Beautiful card, I just love it!!