Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lettering Delights Folder Views

I like to use this technique to view my Lettering Delights files in their folders. Programs I use are:

Free program called 7-zip to extract my zipped files. You can get it Here.
Screen Capture Program  MW Snap Here 

Tut on how to use MWSnap Here

Install both programs or use what you have. Directions may vary according to your programs. I'm using an older Laptop downstairs and that is what I have installed on it.

Download your Lettering Delights file to the folder where you want it saved. Go to that folder and find your zipped file.

Before extracting, we will take a look to see if there is a folder within the zip file. The way to do that is click on the zipped folder, you will either see a folder or the indiviual files themselves.

At this point we have 2 options:
1. if you see a folder then when extracting with (7-zip) you will choose Extract here.
2. if there is no folder and just the indivual files the option you will choose will be Extract To - with the name of the folder. If you just extract it without choosing that option you will have extracted files all over the place. This way your files will extract within a folder.

Locate the extracted folder and click on it to open it. I now own this file because of Jin's enabling, LOL.

You should have a folder with the SVG's and a PDF inside.

Click on your PDF to open it. Now we are going to change the viewing size, click in the minus button at the top. I usually selct 75% that gets it to a size where I can capture a good bit of the images.

Start the MWSnap program and click on Capture, a Drop Down Menu will appear Select Any Area

Your cursor will change to a Plus Sign, while holding down your Left Mouse Button draw a box around the images in the PDF you would like to Capture.

Then click the left the Mouse button again to anchor the box, now go to File--Save As-- for file name type in the word Folder--Save as Type--make sure Jpeg is selected, if not use your down arrow and select it. Then at the top where it says Save in-- locate your folder with the SVG's and PDF you just made a screen capture of, then click save.

Now your folders will look like this

You will see at a glance what is exactly in your folders without having to open them up. You can use this technique for all your folders with PDF's etc. Now with LD's graphics, I will open the whole folder and take a screen shot of what is inside,

save it as a jpeg, naming the screen capture Folder

and this is what they look like.

For those that include a jpeg of what is included in a file you may purchase or download you just rename that jpeg Folder and it will show up in your folder preview. Most may know about this but I thought I would share it for others who are unaware of it.

If you have any questions or if I may have missed a step, LOL just let me know.


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