Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cutting Line Styles Tutorial:::Make a Box or Lid

With the new Beta Version of Make the Cut released, I posted this Mini Tut on the forum to show how versatile some of the new features are. I thought I would also share it here in case anyone would like to view it. I did not create a perfect file it was just a real quick demo.  If you are interested in trying out the Beta you must go to the Forum and download it there.

Let's just say you wanted to create a generic box, with the new features here is one way you could go about it. Not going to be precise just for demonstrating purposes. LOL

1. Place a square on your mat
2. Create a new layer and place 2 rectangles on your mat
3. Rotate your rectangles, resize and arrange accordingly to your needs. Would look something like this.
4. With your rectangles selected go to Shape Magic--Advanced--Thin Paths. This is what it looks like so far.
5. With lines still selected Right Click- Change Color/Texture/Line--Line. And this box will come up, play with your settings.
6. Now my lines are changed to dashes.
7. I'm going to create another layer add 2 more rectangles and repeat the steps, but this time placing the rectangles inside the dashes. Like this, and like I said this is rushed for demo only.
8. Your dashes will be your score lines. Now we'll make the cut lines for your flaps. Create another layer and put a rectangle on your mat-- duplicate it 4 times, with the rectangles selected--Right Click--Shape Magic--Advanced-Thin Paths-With them still selected resize them all together accordingly and then move into place using your arrow keys.

This is what we end up with. A lid or box

It seems like a lot of steps but once you get it down it goes quick.

Also, when cutting you want to hide your cut layers and do your scoring first, then hide the score layer and then cut the cut layers.

I hope you find it useful.


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