Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paper Portrait - My Shot at it

For anyone who frequents The Make the Cut forum you are probably familiar with the works of one of the members "Paperkutz" A very talented person. You can check out just two of the pieces he posted yesterday Here. These are from the series True Blood on HBO. If your a Fan of the show you will enjoy them. He does many types of Portraits. They were a request from some of the forum members.If you search the forum you will find other works of art he has done.

I spent part of the morning creating a file from a picture of one of my cats. His name is Shadow, he loves to sit on top of my frig, just love this shot. My son calls him a witch cat because of his eyes. LOL I did not recolor them, that's how they turned out from the shot I took. He was looking down on me as I took it.

Well, this is my try at creating a file. I have not cut it yet probably this weekend if I get some free time.

Thanks for looking,

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