Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Tree Photos

Our tree this year, I took these photos early this morning. 

We adopted a new cat this summer (Siamese mix, the sweetest cat) so I did not put the full tree up because now we have 2 fur babies. I wanted to see how she would react this year first. They both insist on sitting underneath the tree at the same time. So glad hubby tied it down because it would have been tipped over so many times already!

Some ornaments on my tree, I also had to be selective of what I put on the tree and where, LOL 

Ornament I made last year, clear ornament with strips of paper cut, curled and placed inside. 

This ornament I made in 2008, this was made using digital scrapbooking elements. I measured the width of the ornament and created a circle, placed all the elements within the circle and then printed it out. I cut out my completed circle, then rolled it a bit and placed inside the ornament. I used a skewer to help unroll the photo a bit and then capped the ornament. This is my son, Gunnar. 

This is my son and DIL. I created this ornament in 2009, the year they were married. I traced the clear ornament, then scanned it into Photoshop, made the shape a bit smaller and added the photo inside then printed and cut it out. I rolled it and placed it inside the ornament. Using a skewer to help unroll the photo. 

Another made ornament.

This Santa recites "The Night Before Christmas"

Ignore the tree to the right of him, I just put it up last night and have to fix the lights and such. I did not get a chance to decorate it yet. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos, adding a bit of Christmas Spirit to my blog. :)

Have a great day!


  1. Awesome pictures Michelle. Love the ornaments with pictures in them. I did this about 20 years ago when my kids were small babies. Brings back memories.


  2. You took gorgeous pictures of your tree! They are very hard to take. Great job on the tree, looks beautiful.