Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Phantom of the Opera Invites

I have been asked to create some sample Phantom of the Opera birthday invites. 
This is what I have come up with. The rose is Penny Duncan's. I could not do a 3D rose because they need to be mailed. I also did not have any thin black ribbon, so I used the red for the sample. 
I like how they turned out. 

I took the sheet music and muted the background a bit and then added the text. Still not sure if I will move it over further to the left. Dummy info for sample.

The party will be held in a theatre. So for the second sample I created a ticket invite in Photoshop. Yes I have to bring over the word Row. LOL I was changing text and fonts and did not re-center it.

The images I used are hand drawn images by an amazing artist. Still waiting for her to get back to me for permission, e-mails have been sent. That's why they are blurred. I printed them out and they look really nice.

Have a great night! 


  1. Oh WOW!!! That is AMAZING!!!! I LOVE the piano and the mask....SUPER cool!!!! You've done SUCH a wonderful job on this!!!! They are going to be SO THRILLED!!!

  2. Michelle, these are stunning. I love the look of the piano and keys.... You rock!


  3. These are super awesome! I love the piano.

  4. I love the piano! It is amazing. Can you tell me where you got the piano shape from? I'd love to make this for my daughters piano teacher to say thank you for festival. Love it and nicely done!

    1. Heidi, I sent you and e-mail. Did you get it?

  5. I absolutely love how this came out Michelle, just beautiful, you always do such wonderful work!!

  6. Hi there, this card is absolutely lovely!! A friend of mine is a huge Plantom fan and this card will make her birthday unforgettable!!! Would you mind tell me where did you get the mask and the rose?

  7. Amy, the Rose File is by Penny Duncan. There is a link to her blog in my post. The mask was an image I found online, can't remember where. I used my stylus on the reverse inside of the mask to add some dimension. Then I turned it over and glued it to the front of my card.

  8. ooh thanks you so much for your help!! :D
    My friend will be so thrill when she sees it!!

  9. Do you have the pattern for the piano? A friend asked me to make something to give someone for Christmas since she bought them Phantom tickets...I would love to do the piano. My email is

  10. Hello Lucy, I'll have to get back to you. Not sure where I have the file. I'm going to send you an email.