Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gardening Tweets Card

Between watching the Decorah Eagle and Hummingbird Cams, I was in the mood to make a project with birds. LOL

I made this for my son to give to his aid. She is with him for 6 1/2 hours a day while in school and this will be the seventh year. She has become part of our family. 

I used Scrappy Dew Gardening Tweets to create my project today. 

I welded shapes together from within the set to create the top layer card. I then glued the card to the watering can base layer. I added Rhinestones everywhere there was a circle cutout. Some lace for the curtains. Just had a thought, I should have had one of the birds peeking thru the window or door.  Darn! LOL Maybe next time. 

For the inside, I created shadow layers and printed out the gardening bird and tulips on some glossy paper. There is a slight glare from the bottom layer projecting onto the bird in the top layer. Sorry about that.

A better view of the bird.

Supplies Used:
Blue Bazzill Paper
Photo Paper
Yellow Cardstock

I hope you enjoyed my project today. Thanks for viewing.


  1. Super cute card. I noticed your post on MTC's Facebook page and thought I would pop over. Great projects.


  2. Darling card - I bet she loved it!

  3. What a very pretty card, that set is adorable!!

  4. Love it! I know about getting inspiration for the Eagles. LOL