Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blog Giveaway Day 4 Piercing Tutorial Challenge

Today, I have a Piercing Tutorial for you. You will use this tutorial to create any style tag you wish. We are going to use the MTC Rhinestone feature to create a pattern for piercing holes into your tag project.

In this tutorial, I use a circle for my example. Once you view the tutorial, then you will be able to use any shape you'd like. You can either use this tutorial to create an outline of pierced holes or if your more experienced with the program, you can create a flourish design.

You will have until Sat., June 2nd, 12 noon to complete your tag. I will try and get my tag done sometime today so you will have an example.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. You will need a piercing tool, a mouse pad or fun foam to complete the challenge. If you don't have a piercing tool you may be able to use a thick sewing or yarn needle. 

You can download the PDF tutorial Here. There are some additional ideas at the end of the tutorial. I wrote this tutorial some time ago and never posted it.

Today, I happened to be reading my e-mail for Julie's Yahoo Group and there happened to be a question about piercing tools for cutters. I asked Julie if I may post the answer as it is an alternate way of doing it. I'm still using my expression, so I have to do most things the hard way. LOL

Julie's response: 

When learned in a recent Webinar that although there is not  a dedicated piercing function in the Make The Cut software similar to what other software might have for piercing, you can set the Line Style to Dashed, (Ctrl+Shift+Y) and set the dash width to its lowest setting, .01,  to change any regular design line or shape for use with the piercing tool. It is also possible to use the rhinestone feature to fill a shape with the tiniest available stone size, .0320", and smallest spacing, .0033  The tiny dashes actually provide the most accurate piercing function. You can use an engraving fill changed to tiny dashes to get a shape filled with piercing.See the advanced tutorial called IV.02_Engraving or Pen Fills in MTC.pdf 
for more details on filling your designs for Engraving or drawing, and use the same technique with the tiniest of dashes to create pierced designs.

Whatever the type of tip your tool has will determine the style of piercing that you will get. Some piercing tools use a sewing machine needle. These tools make a very tiny pin prick in your paper or other media. Other piercing tools are awl-shaped, and make a larger pierced hole in your media. The tip of these tools is not as sharp as a sewing machine needle.  

To effectively use either type of tool, you will need to use either an embossing mat, piercing strip, or improvise with Fun Foam or a very thin mouse pad. After piercing, you do not have to remove the cushioned mat in order to cut around your pierced design. 

Julie,  Flanagan Educational Services
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I know this was a long post, sorry about that. But I felt the info may help you in creating your project. I hope some of you will work on the challenge, it will be a lot of fun.  Would love to see what you create. 

Those with a blog, leave a comment with links to your finished project. It must be a project you have not posted on your blog yet. Those without a blog you can e-mail me a photo to  
shelllilac at yahoo dot com. You must be a follower of my blog. 
Oh, the most important part, LOL The PRIZE will be a $10 gift card to ScrappyDew store!

Happy Tag Making

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