Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

Just sharing some photos of our Christmas Tree, taken with my iPhone. 

My son was so sad Sunday because we could not find his cat ornaments (3rd Photo), all 3 cats represent cats we have. The black cat on the red blanket looked exactly like our Figaro. He needed to be put to sleep two years ago this past Thanksgiving. He is still so upset about it. I looked all over and could not find the ornaments, then the very last bag I went through I found them. He was so happy, the expression on his face just filled my heart with joy! Some of you may know he has Down Syndrome and little things like this make him so happy. I purchased the ornament for him last Christmas, it's a Hallmark Ornament. 

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a beautiful tree Michelle and so pleased you managed to find those special ornaments for your son.

    1. Thank You Shirley! Yes, I was as well. I made his day.