Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Amazed at People (not in a good way)

Ok, I just have to say something and can't hold back. Maybe I shouldn't because I would not want to be criticized as a parent.

Ok, here goes. From my previous post most know our area, like most up and down the East Coast are suffering from major flooding. I was just on Facebook and on the local news stations page, there is a photo with a parent standing on the pavement looking at the flooding (road is flooded). She is standing just at the waters edge with a child. Ok, maybe that's not bad enough but I still would not do it. That's just me. It's deep. This child looks to be about 5-8 years old I don't know his back is turned to the camera and facing the water. Now, the parent is facing toward the right of him with her back turned on him. I think you know where I'm going with this! What is wrong with this parent? That water has all kinds of stuff in it such as river water, fuel, sewage just to name a few.
What if this child tripped and fell in and then the unthinkable happens? I know accidents happen, I'm a parent and the dumbest things happen to our children. Crazy things, LOL I just don't understand.

I also seen this take place when I took the photo of the bridge in my previous post. If you look beyond the metal bridge there is a newer concrete bridge. I watched as parents and children walked across the bridge which was very high (the water just under it) and raging!! I seen parents walk across with baby strollers, I was in disbelief. I know the bridge is newer but all that pressure against the bridge, we are talking a major span. What if that bridge collapsed? Like I said accidents happen I realize that.  But I did not even want to walk across it myself. I took that photo on land far away from the waters edge.

They had to chase people off the Levee which was holding back 42ft. of raging water. So someone tell me, am I the crazy one? 

Thanks for listening to me rant, LOL Have a great day! :)

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