Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Beta Version of MTC 4.0

Andy posted a new version early in the evening yesterday. You can check out all the new features and download it on the Forum. Also, just a little note if you can give a donation that would be great. Andy is so generous not charging for any program updates!! Thanks Andy
Donate Below:
Custom Mat Sizes
- Add custom mat size from the Mat Size combo box.
- Remove custom mat size by selecting mat then hitting delete key.
- No more "Please Wait... Rendering Mat" messages. Mats render extremely fast.
- Zoom from 10% all the way up to 1000% in a split second.
- Ctrl+Mouse-Wheel zoom now zooms centered.
- Create any size mat with custom Margins/No Cut Zones.
- Dark Blue mat has been replaced with Purple. Pink mat colors updated.
- Option to hide/show No-Cut-Zone margins.

Multi-Layered Conical Warp
- Create multiple layered/colored conical warps -- preview in color in un/rolled view.

Texture Sizing Simplified
- Holding your shift-key while sizing a shape from the corners will scale the textures properly.
- "Scale Paths" option added to the Select Texture dialog's Scale option.

Fuse-N-Weld Updated
- Completly rewritten
- Allows for customizable tolerance
- Note: Make sure to join the segments together before fusing them

Node Editing Tools
- Get to tools by hitting the 'W' key, View>>Node Mode or clicking the Node icon in the upper right-hand of mat.
- Node Edit Tool: Edit line segments, Bezier segments, Bezier control points, Bezier/Line paths, insert/delete nodes, etc. (be sure to use right-click menu)
- Basic Shape Tool: Add basic shapes by clicking and dragging
- Bezier Draw Tool: Draw Bezier curves
- Freehand Line Draw Tool: Draw freehand lines. Hold CTRL key to draw straight lines
- Measure Tool: Measuring tape and protractor.
- Eraser Tool: Erase parts of paths easily.
- Knife Tool: Slice and dice paths.
- Select tools using F1-F8

Raster Image File Dialog: Copy and paste images from Windows Explorer.
Reverse Paths options added to Advanced
Welding of Open Paths fixed
Simplifiying of Open Paths fixed
EPS importing fixed for certain files
MANY, MANY bug fixes.

Have fun playing, it's a great new Beta Update


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