Friday, September 16, 2011

The Vice President Comes to town!

We had a visit from the Vice President today due to all the flooding our town has suffered. I'm still amazed at all the damage that has been done! So many families lives have been turned upside down. We gathered up clothing we have not worn and also purchased some much needed supplies for the families. This is just a drop in the bucket compared to what they all need. It's so devastating! Many homes had to be condemned. I don't know what many families are going to do because they tried to buy flood insurance and were denied because the Insurance Companies told them they do not live in a flood plain. It's just crazy.

You have a mortgage on your home and now all this damage, how does one come up with money to pay for it. They had to strip out everything and now they are down to the bare studs. In the states, fall starts next week and winter is not far behind.

We only had water in our basement and it has slowly started to dry. We've had fans running and the dehumidifiers running almost 24 hrs a day. Once it's all dry we have to wash things down and remove all the dirt and mess that came in. At least the smell is starting to fade now that it's drying. I have tried to get my mind off things by trying to craft but I just can't. When we run errands and go one block down from our house and see all the damage that has been done it just makes me so sad! I just pray the government can offer money to the families that so desperately need it.  FEMA says it's running out of money and they are only talking about giving loans. People are not looking for a hand out but some much needed help.

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