Saturday, March 24, 2012

Homade Bead Spray for cards etc.,.......

2 posts in one day, LOL
I have been seeing all these pretty beaded sprays all over the internet lately on cards, 3d projects etc.

About 1 month ago, I purchased 2 bracelets at ACMoores using my 40% off coupon. My son used his coupon on the second one. I believe they originally sold for a little over $3. I have not purchase beads in years so I was not sure if that was a good deal or not. At the time I did not know what I was going to do with them, only knew I would used them for my projects in some way. When I brought them home and really took a good look at them I noticed the beads already had a wire going thru with a loop. I got the idea I would take them apart and loop some wire through the loop and hang them on ribbon like a charm.
I had put them away in the drawers for later use.

Today I had some time and visited a couple blogs, I was at BirdsCards and seen she had created a card with some beaded sprays. As I read her post, she had a link for a YouTube video showing how to create them. The video is by luvleescrappin 

So I watched the video and made my first spray. They were so easy to make, I started with a 3 bead one just to see how hard they would be. Plus, I don't have a lot of this type of bead.

This is what the bracelet looks like before taking them apart.

I cut a 15 inch, 26 gauge wire to start with. I was not sure if that was going to be enough. But as you can see I had plenty left over. She says to always cut more. I don't work with beads in this way so I was not exactly sure on the length I needed.

Well, I think I will be on the hunt for more beads and maybe a tool or 2. LOL I know I will be making more of them. She also has videos to create other sprays so be sure to watch them as well.

 Have fun creating!


  1. Michelle this is gorgeous! I watched the video and will have to give this a try as soon as I get some heavy enough wire! Thanks for sharing!!!!


  2. This turned out gorgeous Michelle :0)