Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Cuts With My New Machine

My new Black Cat and boy does it Purr!! LOL

Hubby ordered the machine from Sherri at Thats Scrap Inc.
He has heard me talk so much about the machine and knew how much I wanted one. Something always came up and we needed the money for something else. He has been saving for so long without me knowing about it. 
So, he went road cycling said he would be doing about 25 miles. I knew he would be gone for a bit.  It was about 8:55am when I heard a truck pull up. It was Fed Ex. I see him get this big box out and then start coming up onto our porch with it. I could not see what is was through our sheer curtains. Then I realized, I'm still in my PJ's.  I had to reach from around the door and sign for it. I hear the snickers!! LOL
 I had to run upstairs and get dressed. When I opened the door to see what it was, I was totally shocked! Shortly there after the phone rings, it was a voice I've never heard before. Sherri, I could not believe she was calling me. Just wanted to make sure it arrived safely and what to do if I needed help. So very nice of her!

Next step was unpacking it and deciding where I was going to keep it.
Watched some videos and read some tutorials. Then I played around a bit with some of the buttons and functions. I was ready to try the pen test. It was a success! It was now 11pm and I needed a break to clear my head after filling it with so much info, so I went to bed.  Well, you can guess what I was dreaming about all night! :) I heard the machine in my sleep. I love the sound of it, if that's possible!
So this morning I woke at 4:30am, read some e-mail and had to wait for everyone to wake so I could play. I was excited to try and cut something, but scared at the same time. I'm using an older laptop upstairs for the time being with my machine. I did not have many files on it. So I just selected some borders for my first try. I was scared I would cut through my mat. LOL I've heard some say this has happened to them.

These are my first cuts with the machine. I was so excited that I had the settings right. 

This last one I had ripped pulling it from the paper. I was in a hurry and needed to make breakfast for my son. He was about to starve. LOL

All in all I had a productive first cut. 

What a weekend! Enjoy the rest of yours.


  1. I am jumping up and down for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd let out a scream too but I don't think you'd hear me! It looks like you are having your share of kitties this week. So what are you going to name it??????

  2. Well done on your first cuts. I know how nervous I was when I first got my Cameo - frightened of doing something wrong and breaking it but looks like you've got your new kitty sussed.

  3. How exciting your cuts look great wow. I'm so happy for you enjoy

  4. Oh Wow! That's one special hubby! Mine would be clueless to pull something like that off!