Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gobbling Goodies Glass Candy Jar

For my project today I've decorated a Glass Candy Jar for my son. I'll fill it with sugar free candy, for the time being it contains LifeSavers.

Affiliate Links used for the Portrait and Make the Cut

Using Make the Cut, I placed a 2 inch circle on my cutting mat. For the text on the top label I used Comic Sans MS font. I added Gunnar to the mat first then Gobbling Goodies, re-size text accordingly.  Holding down the CTRL Key drag Gunnar text wrapping it to the circle. Adjusted settings.

 Next take Gobbling Goodies text - Shape Magic - Flip - Shape Magic - Mirror -Hold down CTRL Key   drag the Gobbling Goodies text wrapping it to the circle. Again adjusting the settings.

Select one of the monster pattern files, re-size accordingly and place inside your circle. 
I selected another monster, removed the center part of the crayon, typed out my sons name using Giddyup ST Font. Re-size the text and place in the center of the crayon.
 When printing out your design you want to hide the circle. Once done printing let dry at least 2 hours, place your Clear Sticker Paper on the mat, I hid all the layers inside the circle leaving the circle visible and the black monster holding the crayon. Be sure to click on the Texture Snapshot Icon before cutting, if you don't it will cut the individual pieces of your monster.

I hope you enjoyed this quick project.


  1. Great idea. Hope your son is doing OK.

  2. Shirley, he is doing so much better. Thank You!!